Massage with hot stones:
Originated from Indian tribes. Magma combination of smooth stones and warm oils. Rocks, formed at 

 high temperatures in
hundreds of years old streams, releasing a gentle heat, penetrating into all parts of the body
Full body massage. Hot stones and soft touching hands,releasing stresses, blockages and muscle-tension, balances body and mind,
Sense of freshness and harmony.
60 minutes 250 NIS, 90 minutes 340 NIS.

Classic Swedish massage:
Pampering massage with oils. Massage re-balances the body systems and stimulating the blood flow.
This massage is characterized by deep kneading movements with scented vegetable oils and have a soothing effect to the muscles.
45 minutes 180 NIS, 60 minutes 225 NIS.


Combined holistic massage:

Swedish massage combined with soothing tension clicks inertia, flexibility and release of the body.
45 minutes 190 NIS, 60 minutes 225 NIS.

** Aromatherapy Massage:
Handling user sense of smell, which combines aromatic oils with different qualities.
Aromatic oils and touch caressing bring the release of stress, sense of floating peace of mind.
45 minutes 190 NIS, 60 minutes 225 NIS.


Deep Tissue Massage:
Stressing and release tight muscles and flexibility of the body.
45 minutes 190 NIS, 60 minutes 225 NIS.


Treatment Healing:

Energetic Treatment Chail.
45 minutes 190 NIS, 60 minutes 225 NIS.

** Massage for pregnant women:
Each month. Relaxing, releasing blockages, increase blood flow.
35 D. 130 shekels. 60 minutes 220 NIS.


Treatment Natural Cosmetics:
Pampering treatment of natural materials, including arrangement of eyebrows, deep cleaning, peeling and massage pampering and relaxing.
Results instant healthy glow and appearance.

* Also for men.
60 minutes 200 NIS.